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Best Food to Get healthy Skin

The below post is brought to you by Dr. Sangay Bhutia who is a chief hair transplant surgeon at HairnSenses – a nice clinic for hair transplant in Delhi and the other parts of the country. She has shared below the best food items and healthy foods to get nice skin.

Best Food to Get healthy Skin – a Knowhow

Most of us, in this contemporary world are aware of the fact that a diet filled with power food like dark green vegetables, citrus fruits, dark chocolates and animal protein are good for health and help us fight chronic ailments like heart diseases and diabetes. But, we often neglect our skin in this regard. To protect our inner organs, we formulate our diet accordingly and unknowingly or knowingly keep aside the skin that actually gives us the identity, the look that you carry out. We generally focus more on external products and chemical items to protect our skin and forget that there are natural and healthy alternatives to help skin remain fresh and gentle. Are you aware of the fact that there are healthy food options as well that can keeping your skin young, fresh and healthy? Through this write-up, let us discuss some of the best food options to maintain a healthy skin.

According to Dr. Jessica Wu, an experienced dermatologist in Los Angeles and the author of Feed your Face, “There’s a growing body of research shows that a healthy diet really does affect your complexion and skin. What you eat can affect your hormonal balance, cause acne, and create or lessen soreness, which is associated with skin aging.” Further to this, Dr. Wu says that whatever we eat can be equally important compared to that of serum and creams that we apply. So, let us jot down some of the easily available food items that work wonder for skin.

1. Olive Oil: A huge sum of money is spent over researches to find out natural remedies or any health related issues. And, same is true for skin care as well. In 2012, researchers in the PLOS ONE study analyzed 1264 women through their diet. The result that came out was, women with higher consumption of olive oil (around 2 teaspoons a day) have 31% lesser signs of aging. The reason behind this is that olive oil has 75% of the monounsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids play a great role in maintaining the younger skin. The antioxidant naming polyphenols also slake damaging the free radicals.

2. Tomato: This vegetable works wonder with skin tanning. Tomato is a natural sun-rays protector for you. Numerous researches have proved that people who take tomatoes daily and in a good quantity, tends to have 33% more protection from the sunburn. Tomatoes along with olive oil are a marvelous natural product for your skin. The lycopene antioxidants improve the natural SPF of the skin and protect it from the harmful sunrays. One thing to note is that tomatoes work better when cooked.

3. Dark Chocolate: Now, you can smile. Savor chocolates and get a good skin, but, not just any chocolate but dark chocolates. Cocoa flavones, the plant compound with rich antioxidant properties help hydrate the skin and improve blood circulation. A considerable amount of cocoa intake helps make skin smooth and remove rough patches and scars. Doctors suggest around 150 calories of cocoa would work wonderfully to replenish the skin and that too without gaining weight.

4. Oatmeal: As they say, ‘morning shows the day’ – your breakfast determines your food pattern and works for skin. Whole grain oatmeal in this regard, is a better option than bagels or jelly. Oatmeal has a double whammy for skin. It offers refined and sugary crabs that helps your body to form insulin and increase hormone production, precisely the androgens. “Elevated androgens cause sebaceous glands in the skin to conceal more oil that gets intent inside pores, causing pimples,” says Drayer. Only suggestion is to add natural sweetness rather than added sugar like brown sugar.

5. Sardines: 3.5 ounces of sardines can do magic to your skin, if you keep it in your regular diet. It has 1.5 grams of Omega-fatty acids. This makes it the best source of fat and fatty fishes are rich in omega-3, popularly known as DHA. DHA is an anti-inflammatory. “Inflammation is now known to be the main and root cause of acne,” says Dr. Wu. This makes your skin look clearer and fresh.

6. Green Tea: In 2011, a study was published in Journal of Nutrition. That study showed how a person who takes green tea has more elastic and smooth skin. Green tea has polyphenols which helps in nourishing the skin and protects skin from harmful sun rays. The EGCG boosts the blood flow and oxygen circulation within the skin and keep it nutrient-filled and healthy.

7. Kale: If you wish to get more of lutein and zeaxanthin for your skin, try out kale. Kale, rich in the mentioned nutrients absorb and balance the free radicals that are created by UV rays. This includes the wavelengths that we get from sunscreen. A cup of it daily would give you almost 134% to 135% of skin-forming with vitamin A and c.

8. Walnuts: This dry-fruit has a lot to offer. This is the only nut that has omega-3 fatty acids. For vegetarians, this is the only option for fatty acids. Walnut has omega-3 and alpha-linolenic acid as well. “Deficiency in this fat can result in eczema, which is related with dry, scaly skin,” says Drayer. So, take it on a regular basis to pamper your skin.

9. Orange Peel: Sometimes, the residue is better than the main product. Such is the case for orange. It has been proved through numerous researches that people who eat orange peel has lesser chance for Squamous cell carcinoma. An oil compound called limonene found it orange peel helps do so. It also protects from UV rays.

10. Grass-fed beef: Grass-fed beef contains maximum omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Also, it has almost 30 grams of protein in every 3.5 ounces. “Protein is the building block of collagen and elastic tissue, which keeps skin taut and less wrinkled,” says Dr. Wu.

11. Rosemary: The greener your diet is, the better it is for your health. Having rosemary in your diet reduces 60% of the chances of melanoma. This has been proven by the International Journal of Epidemiology through numerous studies. Herbs have a lot of antioxidants and thus reduce sun burns and squelching of free radicals.

12. Milk: “Research shows dairy is highly provocative, which means it will exaggerate acne, wrinkles, and rashes,” says Dr. Wu. Milk replenishes many damaged thins of your skin and help keep it young and fresh. However, the value gets more if you can add almond in your glass of milk and have it. This unsweetened milk actually works wonder.

13. Water: Now, this is the most vital of all – water. This is the best way to keep your skin hydrated. Hydrated skin looks plump. Also, wrinkles are less in such kind of a skin. Water not only hydrates your skin but also clears blood which ultimately leads to clearer skin and fresh look. . “When blood sugar levels are high, sugars can attach to proteins in collagen and generate compound that cause skin to sag and wrinkle.” Says Drayer.

14. Soy: A study done by a Japanese woman proved that consumption of aglycone, which is primarily found in soy help reduces skin lines and improves the elasticity. The isoflavone also helps stop the collagen of the skin to break down and create lines. Hence, soy milk, tofu or soybeans in your regular diet can be wonderful for your skin.

15. Oysters: If you are looking for zinc, think of oysters. Oysters can give about 500% of your daily calories. The minerals are extremely important for your skin growth and proper functioning. Hence, intake of zinc filled oysters is always helpful.

16. Yellow Bell pepper: A study by British Journal of Nutrition showed that people taking in more of yellow bell pepper tend of have less wrinkles, especially in the feet area. Yellow bell pepper has antioxidants that fight against aging free radicals and helps keep your skin wrinkle free. So, rather than spending exorbitant prices on chemical products, it is better to go for natural remedies.

17. Kiwi: In general, fruits are good for skin. But, kiwi has something special to offer. It has a wallop of vitamin C. “C stimulates collagen synthesis, which keeps skin tight and smooth fine lines,” says Drayer. Kiwi, thus helps reduces the dryness of the skin and helps make it look glowing. Also, it stops coming of noticeable wrinkles.

18. Eggs: Eggs have a lot of protein packed in it. However, there is not much fat. As per the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the higher fat diets are associated with aging skin. Intake of eggs stops early aging of skin and improves the overall quality of skin. It nourishes the skin in a wholesome way.

19. Pumpkin: A delight for the veggies, pumpkin is a good source for skin growth. It is a great source of beta-carotene. So, it helps the body convert the beta-carotene to vitamin A which ultimately leads to skin growth. “Pumpkin helps keep skin soft, smooth and wrinkle-free,” says Drayer.

20. Red Wine: Australian researchers, after doing a thorough research found that the rate of actinic keratosis gets reduced up to 28% with intake of red wine. Red wine is a storehouse of resveratrol which is an antioxidant and an anti-tumor in nature. Hence, intake of it is essential to an extent.

Leaving aside these mentioned 20 items, there are other items like coffee, sunflower seeds, carrots, mackerel, chickpeas and so on. But, the mentioned ones are at the top of the long list of healthy foods that are essential to keep skin glowing and healthy. It is always better to go for natural replenishment than applying external chemical-based products. So, go ahead and try out these items in diet and get the best skin for the rest of your life. Remember, natural is always better. This will not only save your pocket but would also help you have a better body and lifestyle.
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Top 5 tips to get flatter belly in 10 min


Life style news will tell you that you can easily get a flat belly by a single 10 minute workout. Don’t misunderstand and think that by those 10 minutes they mean that it’s a one day only workout since there is no way to get a flatter belly in 10 minutes. But if you repeat certain workouts that are talked about in recent weight loss news, you will be able to achieve a flatter belly in 10 minutes by repeating them for a few weeks. Those exercises and tips may involve:

  • Crunches
  • Certain abs workouts
  • Eating a vegetable each day
  • Side Squat Reach

Make 10 minutes each day for these exercises and tips, and you will surely notice a difference after a few weeks. But remember, you should repeat these exercises each day formaximum calorie burning.

Best tips and exercises for a flat belly:

1. Great for core muscles, plank

This exercise is fairly short but quite effective. Lie down and lift yourself up on your toes and forearms so you can form a straight line with your body. Remember to look at the floor while doing this exercise since it will straighten your muscles and increase the effect it has. You should stay in that straight position for around fifteen seconds and repeat it ten times, tightening up your muscles while doing it.

Don’t forget to make a slight break between each repeat. The reason why this exercise is so good is because it affects more muscle groups, while at the same time it strengthen out your core musclesand burns those pesky calories.

2. Do the twist, torso twist

Weight loss news will recommend you this one. You do this exercise by standing and making small space between your feet. Lift both arms to the side, and then bend them so they are almost touching your ears. Then slowly lift your right knee to touch your left elbow, while at the same time twisting your hips. After you repeat it for around twenty seconds, just switch sides and do it again. If you do this while listening to music you will feel like dancing, and that will give you a better mood for proper exercise. Muscle groups which are affected while doing this are shoulders, abdominal muscles and thighs.

3. Just like riding a bike, leg cycle exercise

You start this exercise by lying down on your back and lifting your feet up, bending your knees. Start to move your legs like you would when riding a bicycle. Repeat it a few times, while increasing the range in your knees at the same time, so you almost straighten your legs while cycling. If you look at recent lifestyle news , you will notice that they ignore this exercise, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. It’s a great exercise for getting rid of the fat on your belly, since it strengthens up your core muscles.

4. Lets climb a mountain, mountain climber

Start by getting in a normal push-up position. From there move your right leg to your chest and move it back in the normal position, after which you should repeat with your left leg. Repeat this exercise for a minute, for around right times, making a small break between each set. Out of previously noted exercises this one affects most muscle groups, ranging from your arm muscles, back muscles, and especially your core muscles.

5. Takes only 10 min from your day, eating vegetables

There’s not really that much to talk about here, since we all know about this, but some still ignore it. Don’t fill your stomach with fast food, and try to make 10 minutes a day to eat healthy food like vegetables since they contain vitamins which our bodies need, and they also help our metabolismto work properly.


There are more exercises which help you in your mission to get a flatter belly, but these ones are one of the best since they mostly focus on strengthening your core while at the same time burning enough calories. Repeat those for a few weeks and you will surely notice how your belly is looking better. Also don’t forget to eat vegetables after each exercise to speed up metabolism and give your body enough vitamins. For the end, remember to follow new weight loss news and even life style news, since there are always new advises talked about.

Video : Top 6 Workouts to Tone Your Body


Author Bio

Annie Lizstan works as a health and beauty consultant for online websites and an independent researcher by profession. She had completed her studies at the University of Arizona and lived in Wasilla, Alaska. She always likes to explore her ideas about health, fitness and beauty. In her recent period, she got an opportunity to explore on beauty product Dremu Oil. She has experience researching as a passion as well as profession. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
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Natural Best Natural Skincare Tips To Try This Winter

Winter is a cold weather that turns our noses red, makes skin dry and brittles our hair. However, it’s not time for us to declare that all can’t be turned around. With the help of a few tips to be highlighted here, they can turn around your compromised skin, hair and nails. They do deliver a winter that puts a glow in your face. Almost all of them can be practiced without spending your extra cash. This is because most of the ingredients you already have them in your pantry. As simple and natural they may look, they make a great difference. Therefore, it’s a time to put your winter shivers away and prepare for an awesome experience.

The following are the natural beauty tips that you have to practice and look up for during this winter;

1. Drink water in plenty

Staying hydrated is one of the natural beauty tip that you have to practice that is universal all year long; but most preferably during winter weather. Drinking much water and taking a lot of hot tea counts a lot during winter. This is because water refreshes your body and your skin keeping you bright throughout the season.

2. Use a Chlorella supplement

Actually, most supplements do not feature among all the natural beauty tips, chlorella is an exception. It is a freshwater green micro alga. It contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients as well as protein fire and almost all essential fatty acids. In addition, it contains nucleic acids, that is, RNA and DNA which improves body functioning and rejuvenation. It acts as a skin brighteners. Cellular turn turnover is much essential in winter since it keeps your skin young, nourished and free of rashes or dryness.

3. Reduce caffeine and alcohol

Excess consumption of caffeine beyond moderation causes body dehydration. Alcohol on the other hand has an effect similar to caffeine. Therefore, it’s much advised to switch your morning coffee to fruit or vegetable juice and and also minimize alcohol consumption. If at all it’s hard to moderate alcohol, be sure to drink in between sessions of alcoholic beverages consumption.

4. Eat only when hungry

It’s much tempting to indulge in warm and heavy comfort food regularly during cold winter weather. Alternatively, there are other ways to get the warmth and bulk without addition of excess calories and with fewer ingredients. Consumption of cold water fish enhances the chances of input of omega 3 element that help build collagen. In addition to omega 3, vitamin E in green leafy vegetables and avocados defends cells and boosts immunity. Vitamin C in citrus fruits prevents wrinkles and scar tissues.

5. Get a new look

Before the start of winter, make sure you get a new look. Cut off split ends, add color and exit the saloon with glorious tresses. This enables your hair to get enough dose of dry air and bouts of snowfalls and cold wet rain throughout the whole winter season. You should enter the season with a new look to battle every weather element on your own. Avoid dangerous chemicals by making your own shampoo and conditioner.

6. Exfoliate

Cold and dry winter season causes the skin to be flaky and course. During this season, exfoliation scrubs help remove dead skin cells and expose soft glowing skin underneath. It’s not advisable to use much of your cash on artificial versions when you can make your own baking soda exfoliation scrub for both your body and skin.

7. Use a  good moisturizer

The secret of keeping your skin durable during winter seasons is by using a moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated and protected from harsh weather elements. There is no need to waste much of your resources on the current elite brands when the most potent and effective moisturizers are the ones that you make yourself using the available products. Give a try to homemade skin moisturizers for face and body and for sure you won’t regret your step.

8. Take care of your nails

Nails are very important parts of natural skincare beauty that one needs not to forget to put on the list. You should refrain from pushing your pushing your cuticle back. This is because the cuticles are meant to protect you from bacteria. In addition, always check on Eco-friendly nail polish. Karma organic is one of them. It contains no toluene, formaldehyde or DBP and is safe for pregnant women, kids, cancer patients and allergy sufferers.

Video: Skin Care Routine to Try This Winter


Winter is a weather season that can render you bankrupt due to much expenditure wasted on purchase of artificial products in preparation for it.  However, one can easily adopt this natural beauty tips that are not only cheap but are also environmentally friendly and readily available. They soften up your winter experience turning it up from that of frustration and body torture to one full of happiness and newly rejuvenated body.


Author Bio

Annie Lizstan works as a health and beauty consultant for online websites and an independent researcher by profession. She had completed her studies from university of Arizona and live in Wasilla, Alaska. She always like to explore her ideas about health, fitness, beauty. Recently, she got an opportunity to work on beauty products like  skin bleaching cream . She has experience researching as a passion as well as profession. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
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10 beauty Look-Younger Makeup Secrets

10 beauty Look-Younger Makeup Secrets
Everyone on earth loves to look beautiful and other beautiful people. Beauty is something that requires time and commitment from the interested persons. In relationships, every man would like to date a beautiful lady and, on the other hand, each lady likes dating handsome men. Unfortunately, beauty rarely lasts forever in cases where the required techniques are not used effectively to maintain it. However, one of the encouraging things is that some celebrities like Jenifer Lopez have managed to keep themselves younger than their age.  An individual therefore has to dedicate resources to keep their beauty even to old age. There are many artificial and natural methods of maintaining beauty, but some artificial methods like plastic surgery can be very dangerous. To avoid this below are beauty look-younger secrets;

1. Doing Brain Exercise

The brain is one of the strongest parts of the body that runs every activity within the body system. If the brain is left to become weak, some activities will fail which can cause someone to look old. The brain should, therefore, be exercised to ensure its proper running that will in the long run result to energetic and young body despite age.  It can be done by playing brain games filling, crossword puzzles and wordplay.

2. Apply substances that promote healthy skin on your skin

Applying to counter substance such as retinol makes the skin smooth by removing the pale outer cover. It is a type of vitamin A that has no prescription. Vitamin A also is used to remove dark spots caused by direct sunlight as one approaches old age. This spots are a source of stress for many since they are caused by a natural thing that cannot be avoided since it is a source of vitamin D. Apart from retinol there are also other over counter products that are best moisturizer for sensitive skin for example lotions that contain vitamin C and many others. 

3. Avoid Stress

There are very many causes of stress to people including traffic jams, straining jobs at the work place, inability to provide for kids, and the one caused by other human errors. It makes the physical health to deteriorated hence accelerating physical aging. Stress can, therefore, be avoided through messages that promote relaxation. If stress is avoided one will for a long time, remain youthful.

4. Take in more fats

Omega-3 fatty acid is a fat that strengthens he bones and hide any signs of skin aging like face wrinkle, etc. It is the best way to how to have a flawless skin.

5. Embrace Love

Love can be embraced through positivity that raises someone’s self-esteem, improves immunity and cardiovascular health. Research shows that loving touches in bed stimulate the release of the oxytocin hormone that promotes relaxation and hence stress is reduced.  It makes one remain youthful.

6. Exercise 

Physical exercise not only reduces weight but also builds healthier bones and boost mood. Aging is much more associated with lack of exercise. Therefore, one should always do at least 30-minute workouts in a week.

7. Take Red Wine

Red wine contains resveratrol, a substance that has been proven to increase lifespan in mice by researchers. It is also perceived to have the same capabilities to the human body. It also prevents diseases like diabetes in humans. 

8. Consider Yoga

Yoga is a way in which someone consciously breaths where one can realize the connection between the body and the mind. It focuses on better posture that increases flexibility and boosts mood. It enhances the digestive, immune and reproductive systems. Through this wellbeing one remains young and healthy.

9. Eat Fruits

Pomegranate is a type of a fruit that lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It also improves the skin health, therefore, making it remain smooth for a long time. Goji berry is another fruit that is antioxidant. It protects cell walls and promotes immunity.

10. Drink Green Tea

Green tea prevents cancer and keeps the brain sharper every day you take. Sound brain means youthful look.


Whenever you come close to old age that is where you start worrying about physical change. That shouldn’t worry you anymore because solutions are explained above.



Also watch this video:

Skin Care Routine to Try This Winter

Author Bio:

Sara Biston, who lives in New York City, USA - a freelance article writer by profession. She has written numerous articles, online journals on health disorders, workouts, exercise and diet plans. She is also passionate about beauty and fitness. She has 6 years of experience in health and medical writing for beauty and medical communication industries. She also holds an education in Psychology that complements her belief of inner health. Her mantra is “Change your life by changing your mind. Today is a new day!”You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for daily inspiration.

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How women can get rid of the common skin problems

Skin needs care as it is your armor and shields from the elements. It is essential to take care of skin. There are various factors which causes a lot of wear and tear to your skin throughout your life such as environmental and genetic factors. One can start taking care of skin anytime without considering age. It is an important part of your health, fitness and beauty regime to care and protect skin. If you take care of your skin in return it will take care of you. The initial stage is to prevent your skin from several damages. There are many things which spoil the outer shell of the skin such as pollutants, wind, sun, etc. Wrinkles, color change, pimples, itchy and dry skin are some of the general grievances of populace. Thus, the following steps can help you in taking care of your skin.

For healthy skin, one has to take care of their diet which should contain good nutrition moreover, appropriate rest and daily exercise is also necessary. A proper diet plays pivotal role in overall health, it provide guarantee that your skin will get all nutrients, vitamins, proteins and minerals that is essential to prolong and mend cells. Drinking lots of purified water is another method to keep you in the pink of healthy skin. This is also helpful in hydrating the skin and removal of waste through the system. However, it is suggested not to drink tap water.

The rays of the sun also damage the skin and lead to age spots, wrinkles, cancer and even premature aging. So, one must make sure to take precautions to protect skin from the exposure of ultraviolent radiation. Daily application of moisturizer that has sunscreen with SPF 15 is recommended. However, direct exposure of some sunlight every day for 10-15 minutes is good for skin. One effective way to help you reduce your age spots is through applying fresh lemon juice and aloe Vera over your face. These ingredients gradually fade age spots.

Dry skin problem is very common problem these days. Elder people usually face this problem as older skin sweats less than younger skin. It causes due to certain cosmetics or by frequent baths. One must evade the usage of harsh soaps and try to use a mild natural soap which doesn’t have perfumes, dyes or other harmful substances. You can also use honey for the treatment of dry skin as it has remedial and moisturizing capacities.

Nowadays, another major problem faced by the women is growth of unwanted hairs on face and body. The presence of excessive hair in women is quite embarrassing and also considered unfeminine. There are several ways to get rid of surplus hairs which include bleaching, shaving, tweezing, threading, waxing and depilatories. There are many medication also available in the market which help out to stop unwanted hair grow such as Vaniqa. Other methods of removing hair are electrolysis and laser treatment.
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2-Minute Best of Skin Care Tips with expert Jamie Krell

Style & beauty expert Jamie Krell demonstrates techniques to reduce puffiness around the eyes.
Video by: Lifestyle
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Mesothelioma: A Deadly Disease Reducing the Physical Abilities

It is true that cancer takes away all the physical abilities, but it cannot touch the heart, mind and soul of a person. One who fails the cancer from conquering his mind; he is the true winner of the life. When it comes to cancer, Mesothelioma is one such cancer type which is quite deadly and makes so many people lose their life. It is a rare type of cancer and initiates from mesothelium cells. The main causative agent of Mesothelioma is the continuous exposure to asbestos. The most common anatomical site of this type of cancer is the outer lining of the lungs or chest walls. It is known as pericardium or tunica vaginalis.
 These are the symptoms seen in the case of Mesothelioma cancer: 

  • Pleural effusion
  • Fatigue or anemia
  • Blood in the sputum coughed up
  • Chest wall pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Hoarseness, Wheezing, or cough 
Although the main causative agent of this type of cancer is the asbestos, but there are several other reasons that experts believe to cause Mesothelioma:

  • Environmental Exposures: Presence of asbestos in water supplies and food products is also heard to cause this disease.
  • Para occupational Secondary Exposure: The dust or asbestos brought with clothes and other body parts also increases the risk of this disease from getting transferred to others.
Prevention is better than cure, and in case of Mesothelioma, cure is quite difficult. So, take prevention and avoid going to the places where the asbestos is quite common.